Khasir (Beef) Korma Recipe

Khasir (Beef) Korma

Khasir (Beef) Korma Recipe


  1. Beef - one kg,
  2. Ginger - one tablespoon,
  3. Cinnamon big-four pieces,
  4. Bay leaves - two,
  5. Salt - two teaspoons,
  6. Ghee - half a cup,
  7. Green chillies - eight,
  8. Keora - two table spoons,
  9. Liquid milk - two tablespoons,
  10. Onion paste - 
  11. Garlic paste - two teaspoons,
  12. cardamom - four,
  13. Sour curd - half cup,
  14. Sugar - four teaspoons,
  15. Onion - half cup,
  16. Lemon juice - one tablespoon,
  17. Saffron - half a teaspoon, (soak in two tablespoons of liquid milk and cover)


Cut the meat and wash and drain the water. Add all the batter masala, garam masala, sour curd, ghee and salt and cover with hand washed water and place in the oven on medium flame. Add more water if the meat is not cooked. When the water is reduced to half, cover it again with keora and green chillies and lightly stir. After 15 to 20 minutes, heat the remaining ghee in the side oven, fry the onion slices golden and put them in the meat pot. Then shake and cover with sugar. After five minutes open the lid and sprinkle the saffron soaked in milk on top and cover for another five minutes. Then open the lid and stir lightly with lemon juice, reduce the heat completely and cover the tawa and keep it for about 20 minutes to half an hour. When the korma makha turns brown in color and starts to release the oil from the masala, remove and serve.

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